Integrated Energy Training®

The  IET® Intensive Training Classes
facilitated by IET® Master-Instructor Carrie-Ann Baron

Are you ready to elevate your life?
or your business? or both?

Our IET training classes are 3 powerful days of self-healing and energy therapy certification training. In each class, you will be attuned to a powerful angelic energy ray that activates your 12-strand Spiritual DNA. You will then learn how to heartlink to the energy of your angels and use their energy for healing. You will learn how each primary human emotion is correlated to a specific physical region of the body, as well as how to use the IET integration power points to clear them. Fully illustrated training guide and certificate provided with each class.

No prior energy therapy experience needed. You can be an energy intuitive, and through these IET classes, you will be taught how to feel and interpret energy flow, clear energy patterns in yourself and others, and unlock your soul’s purpose.

Attend one workshop or attend the whole series! No matter what you workshop you choose, you’ll experience pure joy, unconditional love, and massive healing. You will raise your upper limit and see the results ripple through your life!

IET® Basic Level

Provides students with the ability to clear physical and emotional energy blockages from the cellular memory and leave in their place positive physical and emotional energy imprints.
(No prerequisite required.)

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IET® Intermediate Level

Provides students with the ability to clear physical, emotional, mental, and karmic energy imprints from the human energy field and leave in their place positive energy imprints.

(Pre-requisite: IET® Basic Level)

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IET® Advanced Level

Provides students with the ability to discover your soul’s mission and attract members of your soul’s cluster to help you live your soul’s mission and bring your dreams alive.

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Be your best self

Integrated Energy Therapy surrounds your DNA with Angelic Energy so that you can blosson as a self-actualized human being.


Live your Dreams

Integrated Energy Therapy clears your blocks caused by fear, distrust, grief, and anger, so that you can manifest your desires.


Meet your angels

Meet your Angel Guides! Expand and elevate your spiritual dimension and raise your vibration by connecting with the nine special Angels of Healing. Discover how to call on your Angel Guides to enrich your life and your business. A great first step to explore IET! (No prerequisite required.)

Share your Gifts

Integrated Energy Therapy fills your energy field with uncondiotional love, elevating the passion, power, and gifts you have to offer to others.


“Carrie-Ann is a brilliant source of inspiration. Working with her clients to work past their fears, to break through into courage and their goals. Her skill of guiding her clients to do even more than they thought is a gift to everyone she meets. I encourage you to work with Carrie-Ann if you are ready to live full on in your life with no regrets!”

Aime Hutton @ Inch by Inch Empowerment

“Carrie-Ann’s life story is an inspiration. Her strong willed determination to transform her life – from being overweight to triathlon athlete, to her participating and completing the Iron Man – stands as a shining example of her strength, discipline and hard work. She will help a lot of people in discovering and realizing their full potential.”

Sri Kosalendran, Transformation Professional & Art of Living Teacher

“Carrie-Ann is a determined, energetic and unstoppable individual. I most admire Carrie-Ann’s tenacious energy in achieving the goals she sets for herself. Carrie-Ann’s dynamism to take on a triathlon and build a business where she shares her leap of faith to help others is inspirational.”

Trish Hardy, HR Generalist @ Sunshine Village Ski
I’m ready when you are! Transforming the world, one heart at a time!