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Honour Yourself In This Lifetime

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Self-Awareness and Awakening

Intuitive Support and Guidance

Rev. Carrie-Ann offers the support you need to help move you through your triggers and roadblocks. Using an intuitively guided process, she will provide insight and give you tools to help you take stock of your life and move forward with passion, purpose and confidence.

Rev. Carrie-Ann will share several techniques to help you lift the weight off your shoulders, re-discover who you are, and awaken to the possibilities within and around you.

Both the SolePath and Scientific Hand Analysis mentoring programs follow a guided structure, designed to support you as you learn more and navigate your way around the truth of who you are meant to be, and how you are meant to do things in this lifetime. While SolePath is a spiritual personality profile, Scientific Hand Analysis is a soul psychology profile.

Understand Who You Were Born To Be

SolePath Mentoring Program

Rev. Carrie-Ann is a Certified SolePath Mentor and will personally guide you through the SolePath nine-step program and mentoring process. This program is a beautiful guide to understanding who you were born to be.

The intention of SolePath mentoring is to help you to navigate your life and the experiences that expand and collapse you. You will first be provided with an awareness of what is going wrong in your life, and then with tools to switch you to a place of expanded energy, making every day better.

SolePath mentoring is designed to give you both knowledge and understanding as you live a beautiful life filled with purpose and meaning.   

Your first step is to get your SolePath. Let them know that Rev. Carrie-Ann sent you!  

Once you have received your SolePath, register for your first session with Rev. Carrie-Ann.

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It’s Written In The Palm Of Your Hand

Soul Psychology Mentoring Program (Scientific Hand Analysis)​

Your hands contain a blueprint for your life. The lines in your hands correlate to the neural pathways in your brain. Some neural pathways are well-formed, meaning you’ve repeated the same thoughts, beliefs, or behaviors over and over again. These show up in the major lines of your hands. Intense emotional experiences can also deeply imprint on your brain. The deeper the neural pathway, the deeper and more defined the corresponding line in your hand. Looking at the lines in your hands gives you a map of your current mental patterns.  Having this information means that you can maximize your subconscious habits and make them work for you instead of against you.  

Moving Forward One Step At A Time

Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual Counselling is 1:1 support with Rev. Carrie-Ann. She will help you work through your life challenges, pitfalls and blocks, and explore the options in your life. Together, you will figure out your next best steps and envision where can you go from here. Learn how you can connect with your own gifts and greatness while releasing the weight of the world off your shoulders.  

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Answers In The Palm Of Your Hand

Scientific Hand Analysis

Scientific Hand Analysis: A Closer Look

Understanding these lines and how they impact your life can help you:

  • maximize natural tendencies so you can be more efficient and balanced
  • align with your natural design so you can make a bigger impact
  • gain permission to be you
  • understand your internal motives
  • experience more ease and grace in your life
  • clearly recognize your strengths and weaknesses
  • watch your best life unofld as you eliminate patterns of self-sabotage and
  • find more inner peace

Heart line specific benefit: Improve relationships.

Head line specific benefit: Promotes better communication.

Fate line specific benefit: Understand how you can work smarter, not harder.

The Heart Line

Heart Lines represent the mental patterns around your emotional life. This is a major line in the hand that is deep and well-formed, meaning that your emotional life and its patterns are deeply imprinted in your brain. Specifically, Heart Lines show how you express your feelings, how you express love and affection, and how you want to receive love and affection. While most people think of love as a connection to others, the Heart Line is also about self-love.  Knowing how you show love and how you want to receive love can help eliminate misunderstandings and create ease in relationships. 

The Head Line

Head Lines begin as a horizontal line between the thumb and index finger. They might end near the middle of the hand, run straight across most of the palm, or curve down deeply into the heel of the hand.  Head Lines reveal how you process information and whether you lean toward being more analytical or emotional in your thinking. They also indicate how you make decisions, and whether you prefer detailed explanations or short bullet points when you communicate. Sharing how you process information with your friends and family can be a game-changer in relationships!

The Fate Line

Fate Lines provide some of the best insight to understanding your patterns. Modern-day Scientific Hand Analysis still uses the traditional palmistry name of Fate Line, but these lines don’t actually represent your fate or destiny in any way. Instead, Fate Lines show the patterns in your life around work and responsibility: what kind of work cycle is best for you, your consistency during the process, where and how you might lose interest or get distracted, how easily you complete a project, and how to best support yourself in getting things done while also leading a balanced life.  Scientific Hand Analysis can truly help you to align with your natural design.

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