Personal LifePath Reading (Weekly)

Personal LifePath Reading (Weekly)

Rev Carrie-Ann will email a summary of your weekly “Life-Path” reading every Tuesday by noon Mountain time.

Inclusions: Receive answers to 7 key questions relating to the challenges and opportunities in your life.

$100.00 $80.00


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Regular Price: $25 for a single session
Weekly Rate: $20 per session
Saving $5 per session

Total cost $80 per month

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to current times, all our services are offered virtually – live classes are held in our Zoom classroom; self-study courses are pre-recorded and available on-line.  Energy therapy sessions are done remotely via Zoom or phone.  Spiritual counselling is also available by Zoom.

We offer a variety of services. Some are offered free of charge, and some have fees associated with them. We also have a few of Pay What You Can options.

Dear Angels,
Thank you for allowing me to see that every day is a learning day.
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Dear Angels,
Thank you for removing the barriers in my heart.
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Dear Angels,
Thank you for supporting me as I follow my joy!
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